Hiking Log

Shell Beach North Trail 01-14-2001

Nathaniel and I started on the trail heading north. The weather was great. Wind was about 3 mph from the west. Full sun with partial clouds. About a mile in on the trail is a rock out cropping. The rock out cropping is in the middle of a bluff. From the South side the rock look like a wolf head. Nathaniel noticed it first, but it is really quite remarkable. Its muzzle is pointing towards the sky in a westerly direction. Its eye is clearly visible.

As we walked by the formation we also notice that from the west the rock formation appeared to be a skull. It is a very interesting rock formation. Makes me wonder if anyone else has noticed it.

Further down the trail probably another mile, is a larger rock formation. It is a well known rock climbing site. As we walked up we saw several climbers. We stopped there for lunch. We climbed up onto a smaller flat rock in the sun. The views were fantastic. The waves were coming in sets of 4. The sound was wonderful. Even up on the rocks approximately 150 feet above the waves, we still could feel the spray.

As we eat lunch, I noticed some of the rock sculptures that someone is making. I have seen them on the beach last year. It is really interesting that someone would spend the time and patients to find rocks that would balance and stack up in an artistic way. Especially way up high on another rock formation. There were 3 of the sculptures

After lunch we hiked back to the parking lot, and then down the short beach trail. There was not a lot of beach because of the tide. On the way down, I noticed that the creek had changed again. There were a lot more smaller rocks and they had spread down towards the ocean more.

We talked around the beach a bit, then ate a snack. While we ate, a Raven landed on the beach. It was curious, because I have never seen a Raven on the beach before. A second one landed. It was interesting that the gulls seemed to not fear them. But they seemed to be able to take food away from the gulls.

We then walked back up to the car. It was a really nice hike.