My Jewelry Page

Yep, It started in the late 60's early 70's, and I still am going.

My newest creatiions are sterling silver bangle braclets. I perfer to work
with Sterling Silver and Stone and Glass and Crystal.

Here are my creations.

It is sterling silver and dichroic glass
It is a single wrap style bangle bracelet
with a clasp.

Image of

This one is Lamp glass and sterling silver.
It has 3 seperate links and is a one of a kind

Image of lamp glass bracelet

This one is Carnilian and sterling silver.
It is a one piece bangle style bracelet

Image of carnilian bracelet

Lamp glass and Sterling silver.
Sterling silver with purple lamp glass beads.
Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver
Etched Agate, Carved stone and Sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Heart

Sterling Silver Heart
With Jasper Fetish Animal

Stone Donute and Sterling Silver.