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Document last updated on 5/19/2001

Stuff that has been on exhibit

"Of Future, Past (revision 2)"

Artist Statement

My Writings and Photographs

Writings from my heart, Good or bad, there just real!
in 2000 I started writing the thoughts and internal dialogue
I have when I create a photographic image.
The writings with a "*" after the title has images.

The Day My Mother Died

"Can I be in love (rewrite In process)"
"Sorry I Couldn't"
"The Letter I Never Sent"

"Veil of Tears"
"Driving Song"
"Out of Left Field"
"End is a Beginning"


"Of Future, Past"*
"Of Future, Past (revision 2)"*
"Moving Day"
"Sometime a Great Sadness"
"Goose and Gander"
"Spiraling Down"
"Your Away"
"Your Embrace"
"Night of the Owl"
"Your Arms"
"Why Do I"
"Must Let You Go"


"The River in Morning"*
"The Rose and the World"*
"The Rose is a Woman"*
"The Water Bearer"
"The Wish"
"The Pain"

"Walking with your Ghost"
"Ghosts' Can't Say Goodbye"
"The Walk"

Hiking Log

Hiking log

"Night of the Owl"

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