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I am a Berkely High School graduate from 1978, UC Davis in 1983, and have a certificate in programming from ITT tech. Hi, my name is Roger Mamer. I have 15 years experience in data processing, in various positions from programmer to system management.
Currently, I am the Systems Administrator, in the Computer Science Department, here at Sonoma State University. This is probably the BEST job anyone can have. I am managing 2 computer labs, and about 4 server, with operating systems, including solaris 2.6, Mac os 8.6+, Linux, and unfortunately Windows NT 4.0.
Manager at a Statistical Consulting firm. I manage a network of Macintosh and PCs and an IBM RISC/6000. I support and maintain all systems. I provide support for the staff on all systems and all software. I evaluate new software and hardware. In additions I do statistical programming in SAS and database administration in SAS using SQL. I also port code form various systems to the RISC platform.
I also do some consulting work. I setup computer systems, training, design business form, create product literature, and create product label designs. As well as basic flier layout and design.
My first love ,after my wife, is computers, hence, I am always interested in new projects and new possibilities. I am located near Santa Rosa, CA.

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