May 10th was Chick Day

The chick site has grown as the chicks grow

It will be intersting to see what they look like when they grow
to adults. The books I have read show that some chickens are way different
in color when they are chicks, than when they are adults.

Day one is at 040509 Cute a tiny all 26 in a 12 inch by 12 inch box

Week one is at 040516 Still cute starting to get wing feathers

Week two is at 040523 Starting to get combs and able to lift off when flapping

Week three is at 040530 Starting to get airboarn. Had to add some hight to the barriers

Week four is at 040606 I am going to have to increase the size of the pen, I think
We are half way there!

Week five is at 040613 Now the pen is bigger, That was a job and a half

Week six is at 040620 They are definately flying around. I believe it is
time to put them in the regular chicken detention center.

Week seven is at 040627 Now they are flying around the Recreation Yard,
and settleing down in the Coupe

Week eight is at 040704 Everyone is used to the inclusure now

Week nine and ten is at 040721 Everyone seems to be getting along.
Time to start building laying boxes, acutually there is another threef months before that starts.

Week eleven is at 040801 Not much happening. just putting on some size.